What we do for your Smart Buildings success

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Some of the types of real-time data FantaBuildings can collect

Vacancy occupancy icon
Detect Vacancy/ Occupancy
Count people icon
Count People/ Objects
Light intensity icon
Measure Light Intensity
Motion or activity icon
Sense Motion/ Activity
Measure air quality icon
Measure Air Quality- CO2, Particulate Matter
Position of person object icon
Sense Position of a Person/ Object
Facial recognition
Facial Recognition
Ambient temperature icon
Measure Ambient Temperature & Humidity
Track movement of person or object icon
Track Movement of Person/Object
Benefits of Fantabuildings

While there are endless possibilities on how to leverage the data from our sensors for your unique business requirement, the following are some general benefits you can achieve:

The ability to automatically switch off/on or adjust the settings of your lights and HVAC depending on occupancy and vacancy alone can herald significant savings in energy consumption. Every organization ends up having a large chunk of expensive office space underutilized, and IoT helps you identify, optimize, and reclaim those areas. Identifying and replacing a failed device instantaneously or allocating staff where it is needed in real-time can bring in efficiencies and savings, unheard of in the past.

The biggest asset of any business is its people, and a comfortable, healthy, and smart office plays a significant role in employee satisfaction. Research suggests that employee productivity is closely linked with comfort in an office space and drastically reduces when it’s too cold, warm, or when air quality deteriorates. Fantabuildings can automatically adjust the lighting, HVAC settings to keep the occupants comfortable and healthy, and also help personalize the work environment. It can also help occupants find a vacant desk or the closest available meeting room easily in today’s labyrinths of office real estate.

Sensors and systems that detect tailgating or unauthorized access or suspicious behavior can go a long way in keeping your people and facilities secured and in adherence to respective compliance regulations. Remotely sensing a change in the posture of aged patients in critical care or spotting slip and fall of a customer and sending help in real-time can prevent serious complications. Organizations lose a fortune in the time spent searching for misplaced assets such as medical equipment or replacing equipment that’s lost or stolen; with a simple real-time location solution, all your assets can be tracked and managed at the click of a button.

Global warming and the related catastrophes are a worldwide concern not only for governments and environmentalists but also for businesses and the general public. The race is on to reduce carbon footprint through stringent rules and regulations. The proliferation of Smart Buildings that aid energy efficiency, productivity, and wastage reduction to cut down carbon footprint significantly can have a profound impact on the planet.

Why FantaBuildings


Our world-class partner network

We work only with the best, and our network of industry-leading partners offers the finest sensors and platforms. Our deep-rooted relationship with our partners enables us to provide an IoT solution with excellent efficiency, reduced costs, and faster time to implement.


We do both greenfield and brownfield deployments

We design and architect state-of-the-art IoT solutions from scratch to transform a simple brick and mortar structure to a complete smart building. We also provide custom solutions to integrate existing siloed building management systems/third-party applications with new deployments, so you don’t have to rip off the existing systems and forgo those investments.


We are vendor agnostic

While we have a reliable partner ecosystem in place, your custom IoT solution may require a sensor/device/application from outside of our partner ecosystem to address your requirements effectively. In such situations, we are more than happy to go above and beyond to design & deliver the best solution to meet your needs.


Our solutions ensure absolute privacy & are GDPR compliant

Organizations take occupant privacy seriously, and there may be apprehension about having a lot of sensors and devices around. However, with the latest technologies such as Vision Sensors, which neither records nor stores images or videos but only processes the metadata, privacy concerns are addressed effectively. We also ensure our solutions are fully GDPR compliant so you can rest assured.


We craft solutions that are secure, scalable and future proof

With more and more sensors, devices, and connectivity, the threat to system security increases too. By leveraging the latest technologies, tools, and techniques, we deliver a robust and secure solution that protects your systems and data. We also design our solutions, keeping in mind your future needs and scalability.


We offer more than a turnkey solution

Successful implementation and management of an IoT solution involve too many components and vendors. It could be a daunting task to get all of them aligned and make things work. Not really, when you have Fantabuildings. With most of the capabilities available in-house and with the support of our competent partners, we can be your single point of contact to address the whole life cycle of your IoT solution from Strategy to day-to-day Managed Services.